About us

Spencer & Cartwright are space planners, interior designers and project managers. We specialise in the relocation and installation of corporate interiors for smart people with tight budgets.

We value being small in an industry that is still in love with the word "big". Our clients value seeing the same group of familiar tradespeople as the goodwill of one project invariably leads to another.

Each year we take on a small group of new clients who value our integrity and honesty. More than 70 percent of our clients come back to use us more than once. We begin to feel like family and the respect felt cuts both ways.

We can act on behalf of our existing clients in lease negotiations and initiatives at the beginning of the project to ensure adequate client compensation and cost savings from the building owners.

Life has taught us that growing a business like Spencer & Cartwright without honour is not growth at all. And we would rather keep you waiting than subcontract your work to an inferior third party.

We welcome you to our website. We encourage you to consider the work of other contractors so that you might better understand our quiet point of difference.

And most of all, we wish you well.