Mission Statement

  1. That people who come to work for us leave richer for the experience. That we challenge them and inspire them to be their best in the time they spend working for us. That we reward them well for their labour and create an environment that supports them.

  2. That nothing good is possible unless we work as a team supporting each other. That individual performance is only one measure of how we value each staff member.

  3. That if we are committed to doing our best work and encouraging the team in the same, we will automatically be honouring the trust placed in us by the client. That excellence in performance is contagious and clients should feel our energy and good intentions in their interactions with us.

  4. That we understand and practise the mantra that all relationships are a social contract. We expect clients to treat all our staff/contractors with respect and fairness when they have contact with them.

  5. That we take pride in our appearance, our equipment and how we treat our client's property. That we follow processes designed to protect our client's assets as we would our own.

  6. That we build the company slowly deliberately.

  7. That we pay people promptly and respectfully.