Spencer & Cartwright OH&S policies are designed to be easily read and understood. It is for this reason that we are committed to refining it and making our policies more accountable and practical to implement in our daily operations. Our current policies are as follows.

  1. As a minimal requirement we comply with all relevant health and safety laws and regulations.

  2. We induct all staff and in particular all new contractors to our required safe work practices, prior to their commencing work on site. We require in advance notification of any risks that may be associated with their individual output (as contractors) and a working brief on what processes will be put in place to protect all workers on site, for the duration of time they will be on site.

  3. Identify and reduce the risk of work-related injuries and illnesses through pro-active monitoring of daily site practices by our key staff and management to ensure that issues of safety and risk are identified early and immediately.

  4. Anyone not meeting our OH&S standards will be immediately removed from the site and counselled. In the event that we don't feel confident in their ability to meet our standards into the future they will immediately be stood down.

  5. We encourage our staff to think through all processes prior to beginning each task, so as to identify any task that may require special needs or consideration.

  6. Where we are working in an occupied workplace we will comply with any special guidelines provided to us by the workplace safety officer and we will instruct all our staff to do the same.