We research and document the way you currently utilise your office space, including holding discussions with your key personnel, to enable us to come up with solutions that will make your space work better for its intended purpose. We also take into consideration how your needs might grow and change during the life of the building and where possible build in options that allow for growth and flexibility.


Based on the information that is collected during the audit process, we will come up with a range of solutions to take your office space to a whole new level that clearly reflects your values, practical objectives and budget.


We tender and outsource the refit of the interior to your preferred suppliers, and we act as your Project Manager (also known as your guardian angel) where our job is to make sure that all works are completed to agreed specifications within the set timelines and, more importantly, to budget. Alternatively we can, where possible, recommend reliable tradespersons to complete the project.


In many situations Spencer & Cartwright is commissioned to supply and install. This generally happens when the client has used our services over several projects and has come to realise the savings in costs and timeframe which are possible using this streamlined process.