At the point of contracting our services, we will ask you to please read and initial each of these clauses to ensure that they have been read and fully understood.

  1. We do not activate an order or begin ordering materials for a project until we have received a formal purchase order and the initial deposit from the first invoice has been shown to have arrived in our account. We need both to happen before we can activate the order. Subsequent progress payments also need to be made on time and paid within 15 days of the progress invoice being emailed to you. Unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance, late fees will apply. Any further delays of progress payments might result in delays in our being able to complete project milestones on time. Project milestones are pre-agreed points within the project that are time sensitive and require specific finish dates to enable the office to continue to function as scheduled.

  2. We will prepare a list of what areas of the building will be impacted during the build/installation process and we rely on your internal personnel to ensure those areas are secure, clear of personal effects and ready for us to start on our planned arrival date. In the event that these areas are not ready, we will be forced to delay the installation and extra fees may apply. We assume that the client has flagged all stakeholders within the building as to our being onsite and the inclusive dates and times that we will need building access. We will collaborate within building protocols to ensure a smooth, professional relationship is formed.

  3. We take workplace safety seriously and to that end have introduced new site protocols to upgrade what we already offer. We appreciate your assistance in ensuring these safety processes are followed by all personnel for the duration of the project.

  4. It remains the responsibility of the client to communicate said works taking place to all affected parties and to provide appropriate internal advice to any and all staff who may be affected by these works and of the dates that these works will be taking place. This includes other tenants within the larger tenancy, building managers and other interested stakeholders.

  5. Our staff and our contractors will wear tags identifying them as being onsite completing works for us. This is an additional procedure to any tags required be worn by your company's security protocol. We appreciate being given the contact details of the principal person who will oversee the project so that if ever there is any need, S&C staff can liaise directly with them in an emergency.

  6. We will attempt to keep our worksite as quiet and tidy as possible. Please let us know if we have overlooked anything so that we might remedy the situation quickly. This includes, but is not limited to, liquids, dust or material off-cuts.

  7. We endeavour to control the flow of deliveries to the site but apologise in advance for deliveries that arrive outside of the times provided to us in advance by those companies delivering to the site. Despite advance planning, it still happens occasionally.

  8. Variations to the project will be itemised and added to invoices as they fall due. Deductions/changes to original orders will be identified in the same format, as they fall due. Restocking fees may apply to some goods on a case by case basis.

  9. We will endeavour to keep noise to a minimal level but trust you appreciate that some noise is unfortunately a by-product of works being completed on time. Where possible, we will offer the option of having particularly noisy works completed outside of normal business hours. This may on occasion incur an additional fee (to cover penalty costs, etc).

  10. We are a small business who take our responsibility to our clients very seriously, however we wish to acknowledge the best relationships are collaborative and respectful on both sides of the fence. We will do everything within our capacity to ensure a smooth project and we thank you in advance for your input towards helping us to make that happen.

  11. As a general rule we apply a site set-up fee to all new projects. It will be listed on the invoice under Preliminary & General and will cover the following costs associated with completing the project - Site Set-up, Health & Safety, Insurance, Floor Protection, Site Management, and Commercial Clean and Rubbish Removal.