Ever renovated a house only to discover that the bathroom ended up costing more than your entire renovation budget? The pitfalls of commercial interiors are no different. Planning, and understanding how subcontractors structure their costing, can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

When you independently contract builders, designers, architects and decorators, you can safely assume there’s a healthy margin on each individual’s involvement. Added together that’s not only expensive but you then have the worry of cost overruns, delays and that clever word ‘contingencies’. The plumber blames the tiler who blames the painter for the job not being complete three weeks after the deadline.

And you have to nominate a person from within your firm to manage the whole process. Suffice to say these people become sitting ducks (given this is usually their first project management posting) for contractors to take advantage of. They may be brilliant office managers, but that’s no preparation for handling a building project that can run into six digits.

At Spencer & Cartwright we do things a little differently.

We explain our processes plainly and transparently. We take you through the cost savings you can get by using us to co-ordinate all the services you will require to deliver the project on time, on budget and without grief. We explain why making changes (however small they may seem) halfway through the building process can become expensive. We like to think we protect our clients from themselves and their imaginations.

You deal with one person through the whole fitout process. And you end up saving a great deal of money. We get the best prices because we give our contractors regular work throughout the year, taking away the incentive for them to be expensive in the first place. When you deal with them directly, they know the relationship only has a life span of months. And the price you pay will reflect that.

Our whole business is recommendation. Keeping you totally informed makes for happy recommendations. If nineteen years of service has taught us anything, it has taught us there is nothing like a happy client.